IGEP provides reliable Certification of Natural Stones

India and China belong to the world's largest manufacturers and exporters of granite and other natural stone products. This position has been established successfully since 1970 by applying technically sophisticated mining and processing methods. Indian suppliers are known to be particularly strong in the production and in the export of grave stones, slabs, tiles, monuments and statues. As such, they meet the highest quality requirements and the most demanding technical standards and specifications.

The proper examination and certification of natural stone products provides the basis for successful exports and is offered by IGEP. IGEP is an independent and non-profit private company under German management, operating for whole India. It benefits from more than 25 years of experience in the production, control and certification of industries including: the manufacturing of carpets, shoes, leather garments and other leather products, textiles and garments, home furnishings, arts & crafts and gift items, jewellery, automotive components and many more. IGEP is the only organization with appropriate operational infrastructure in the supplier countries to offer regular and comprehensive systematic control and monitoring of the entire value chain in the natural stone sector. Every potential applicant can get certified, as long as it is within the scope of the standards. All following activities are covered:

Quarrying of stone blocks

Transport to processing plants

Cutting, polishing and trimming

Packaging, transportation and shipment

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what is monitored

Following public attention and the ethical and moral obligations, the focus of the monitoring is the prevention and elimination of child labour, on the basis of the domestic laws, the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations and human rights declaration. As a result of constant efforts by Rugmark, IGEP and like-minded organizations and people, India and China are eliminating final barriers to the full ratification of ILO Conventions 138 and 182. In addition to controlled operations, several other social minimum requirements are checked.

How it is done

The prerequisite for introducing mandatory standards is the initial voluntary commitment of a company to be audited and controlled at any time by the IGEP/Rugmark inspectors without prior notice. This commitment is a crucial step towards successful and credible monitoring and certification. In order to initiate the process, German companies provide IGEP with the names of their suppliers. These companies will be contacted by IGEP in India and China. Afterwards, IGEP will ask for a list of their quarries and transporters. The list is exactly verified in cooperation with buyers, associations and chambers and will always be updated when changes occur.

Label / Seal
of reliability

Natural stones from India comprise a large number of different products. Undoubtedly, the most important products for stone importers are currently the grave stones. Therefore, it has to be ensured, that they are verifiably produced without child labour or forced labour.
To guarantee that the seal of approval is not freely traded on the market, IGEP receives a copy of the order from the purchaser (or the manufacturer). This is absolutely confidential. It should contain information about how many stickers are required. The corresponding number of stickers will be sent to the manufacturer by courier. The manufacturer is responsible for applying the sticker. After finishing, this sticker is usually applied to the grave stones, blocks, tiles and slabs or on the packaging.
To prevent damages, it is stuck to the side of the grave stone which will be unvisible later (i.e. the lower part). For blocks, the seal is placed visibly onto the block. For large dimension tiles and slabs, the label is glued onto a side edge or to the unpolished side.

certification = social activities

The IGEP certification-fee is not only used to cover the costs for administration and functioning of the organization. A major part is utilised for funding numerous social activities across India. These activities are among others :

  • Education

    Rugmark, IGEP’s partner, fights against child labour for more than 25 years and currently runs 10 schools for children in poor areas. They are located in  Uttar Pradesh, Jharkand and New Delhi. More than 3000 children in need are thus enabled to profit from proper education. Additionally, school uniforms and teaching materials are provided free of cost. The project so creates opportunities for a better future.

  • Vocational training

    Given public need, primary focus is set on vocational training offering favourable future prospects. Starting back in 2011, the training program ranges from training of plumbers over electricians to mechanics for the installation and repair of electrical devices and mobile phones. Special courses are offered for women adolescent girls. Trainings for further professions are in process. Costs for teachers, teaching materials, accommodation and care of the trainees are covered by IGEP and its partners.

  • Health Care

    In Jharkand IGEP is running a small Health Care Center for the local population to avail free treatment. In  order to ensure the medical care of school children, a fixed plan regulates appropriate care by a physician for all schools. According to that plan, investigations and any necessary treatments are carried out regularly. In addition, teachers and children are given training in hygiene in order to prevent diseases.

    For the coming years, frequent check-ups and the provision of necessary medication are planned to be established for the population in other areas. This is also strongly supported by our customers. They are aware that health care is an important precondition for the sustainable improvement of living conditions.

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